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Monday 28th May 2018

Tablets Articles


Phones should have a 'bed mode'

16th November 2015

Leading doctor suggests smartphones, tablets and e-readers should have a 'bedtime mode' to protect sleep.

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Clinicians threaten to throw tablets into canal

28th April 2015

Clinicians at a central London trust threatened to throw their tablet computers into canal before confidence was built in mobile working.

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Mobile tablets for Ealing midwives

9th March 2015

Ealing goes live with offline information systems to let midwives keep track of patient data.

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Screen time disrupts teenagers sleep

3rd February 2015

Study reveals the longer a teenager spends on electronic devices the worse their sleep will be.

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Emis access on tablets

15th July 2014

Liverpool deploy 1,500 tablets to give staff access to Emis Web in the community.

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iNurse system rolled out in East London

19th May 2014

East London NHS Foundation Trust is giving out tablets to children's services team.

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Bedside computing trial at North Bristol

17th June 2013

North Bristol NHS Trust to pilot tablet computers as observation charts on patient beds.

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Caution: coloured medication and the colour blind

7th September 2009

Colour is a good way to differentiate tablets and their containers because it enables more immediate recognition than words on labels.

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