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Sunday 27th May 2018

Artery Articles


Potential New QOF Indicators

7th March 2011

New indicators for asthma, cardiovascular disease, obesity and smoking could be added to the 2012/13 Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF), as NICE opens its consultation on potential indicators.

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Artificial artery to be trialled on humans

4th January 2010

Newly developed bypass valve could prevent heart attacks and amputations after surgery.

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Greens 'good for the heart'

7th September 2009

Researchers find a chemical reason why vegetables can protect the arteries.

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Arteries damaged by low-carb diet

25th August 2009

Researchers found low carb diets may increase risk of heart attacks and strokes by damaging arteries.

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Artery ageing prevented by statins

29th September 2008

Drugs given to heart patients to lower cholesterol may also stop their arteries from ageing.

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Push for artery screening

7th November 2007

Campaign for new screening programme in the UK.

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