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Wednesday 17th July 2019

Africa Articles


Malaria control improves

14th December 2016

Report reveals improvement in malaria control, but global progress still off-track.

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Two billion at risk of Zika in Africa and Asia

2nd September 2016

Scientists say more than two billion people could be at risk of Zika.

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Zika confirmed in Africa

20th May 2016

The WHO says the Zika virus has been confirmed in Africa for the first time.

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Meningitis vaccine programme a success

10th November 2015

Experts say a mass meningitis A vaccine programme in Africa has been a 'stunning success'.

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Drug-resistant malaria found in South East Asia

21st October 2015

A study published in the journal Nature Communications shows a drug-resistant malaria parasite found in South East Asia can infect mosquitoes in Africa.

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Malaria vaccine 'closer'

24th July 2015

'Green light' given to world's first malaria vaccine.

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NHS staff asked to volunteer to fight Ebola

22nd September 2014

NHS staff have been asked to volunteer to treat Ebola victims.

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Ebola outbreak will worsen

28th August 2014

A top US public health official has said the Ebola outbreak will get worse before it gets better.

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WHO urges screening of travellers in Ebola outbreak

20th August 2014

WHO has recommended all travellers should be screened in African nations where Ebola is spreading.

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Emergency Ebola talks

2nd July 2014

Eleven African countries are meeting in an attempt to 'get a grip' on deadly Ebola outbreak.

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