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Thursday 8th December 2016

Africa Articles


Two billion at risk of Zika in Africa and Asia

2nd September 2016

Scientists say more than two billion people could be at risk of Zika.

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Zika confirmed in Africa

20th May 2016

The WHO says the Zika virus has been confirmed in Africa for the first time.

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Meningitis vaccine programme a success

10th November 2015

Experts say a mass meningitis A vaccine programme in Africa has been a 'stunning success'.

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Drug-resistant malaria found in South East Asia

21st October 2015

A study published in the journal Nature Communications shows a drug-resistant malaria parasite found in South East Asia can infect mosquitoes in Africa.

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Malaria vaccine 'closer'

24th July 2015

'Green light' given to world's first malaria vaccine.

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NHS staff asked to volunteer to fight Ebola

22nd September 2014

NHS staff have been asked to volunteer to treat Ebola victims.

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Ebola outbreak will worsen

28th August 2014

A top US public health official has said the Ebola outbreak will get worse before it gets better.

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WHO urges screening of travellers in Ebola outbreak

20th August 2014

WHO has recommended all travellers should be screened in African nations where Ebola is spreading.

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Emergency Ebola talks

2nd July 2014

Eleven African countries are meeting in an attempt to 'get a grip' on deadly Ebola outbreak.

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Ebola vaccine hopes remain years away

16th April 2014

As deadly Ebola outbreak spreads through Africa hopes of a vaccine remain years away, say scientists.

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