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Sunday 24th June 2018

Unhealthy Articles


Businesses pushing unhealthy food

7th September 2017

Health experts say the UK's obesity crisis is being fuelled by a marketing ploy called upselling.

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Focus on unhealthy eating to tackle obesity

22nd April 2015

Doctors say public messages about tackling obesity should focus more on unhealthy eating and less on exercise.

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Unhealthy food marketed to children online

19th December 2011

It has been claimed that food firms are using websites to get around bans on TV adverts.

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Cartoon characters promote unhealthy food

22nd August 2011

A study finds cartoon characters are often in the minds of children who nag for unhealthy foods in supermarkets.

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Unhealthy food sales banned in schools

14th July 2011

Massachusetts public school has banned sugary soft drinks and artery-clogging food.

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UK one of the unhealthiest nations

15th December 2010

Data suggests the UK is one of Europe's unhealthiest nations for some health indicators.

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102-year-old puts unfit Brits through their paces

23rd September 2010

Four unhealthy Brits given a run for their money by 102-year-old Ida Wasserman.

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Scottish people unhealthy

11th June 2010

Study suggests people living in Scotland are leading very unhealthy lives.

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