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Wednesday 24th July 2019

Bullying Articles


Trust warned over bullying culture

11th August 2017

The CQC issued a warning to a struggling trust in West Midlands that it could face enforcement action.

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Nurses to be trained to identify mental health symptoms

17th November 2015

The RCGP want health professionals to be formally trained in spotting mental health symptoms that relate to bullying.

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Doctors in training 'bullied'

20th November 2014

A survey has found nearly one in 10 doctors in training have experienced bullying.

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Concerns of staff bullying raised about largest NHS trust

14th January 2014

Staff bullying concerns across all sites of England's largest hospital trust.

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Mid Staffs nurse rejects bullying claims

24th July 2013

Ex-Stafford Hospital chief nurse denies bullying but says she could be 'intense' with staff.

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Nurses 'discouraged' from whistleblowing

23rd April 2013

A survey suggests many nurses are discouraged and face bullying when they try to whistle-blow.

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Autistic children vulnerable to bullying

3rd April 2013

Almost 100% of parents with children who have autism say their children are vulnerable to bullying.

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'Bullying' in the NHS

20th March 2013

Whistleblower has told MPs there was a culture of 'sheer bullying' in the NHS.

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GPs accuse health officials of 'bullying'

14th February 2013

Four Wrexham GPs say they had to shut down a surgery after the workload became impossible.

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Warning over child psychological abuse

31st July 2012

The psychological abuse of children is common, but under-reported, new research from the US shows.

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