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Friday 25th May 2018

Muscle Articles


31 million days of work lost to bad backs

16th April 2015

Statistics show almost 31 million days of work were lost in 2013 due to back, neck and muscle problems.

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Scientists grow self-healing muscle

1st April 2014

Self-healing muscle has been grown by scientists in the lab.

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New research to find cure for heart disease

1st February 2011

Programme will find out if self-healing properties of zebrafish could help humans with heart problems.

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Muscle wasting from cancer may be reversible

24th August 2010

One injection could reverse muscle wasting in cancer according to research.

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Beetroot juice can boost stamina

20th May 2010

Scientists have found that beetroot juice makes muscles more fuel-efficient.

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Increasing muscle mass could help arthritis sufferers

18th May 2010

A new study reveals new method for increasing muscle mass to help arthritis patients.

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Scientists create artificial muscle

7th May 2010

Artificial material created that mimics muscle and could help wounds heal.

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Young men taking steroids

8th February 2010

Increasing numbers of young men are experimenting with body-building drugs.

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Weightlifting helps pensioners live longer

14th September 2009

Researchers have found weightlifting rejuvenates blood flow to muscles and could therefore help pensioners live longer.

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More protein for older women

26th March 2008

A study suggests women over 65 should eat more protein to help preserve muscle and stay fit longer.

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