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Saturday 26th May 2018

Girls Articles


Plastics linked to girls' emotional problems

25th October 2011

A US study found that girls with a high level of exposure to bisphenol A in the womb were more likely to have behavioural difficulties.

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Boys are more confident

5th May 2011

Survey has found more boys feel confident about communicating than girls.

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British girls are worst binge drinkers

26th April 2011

A new report has revealed teenage girls in the UK are the worst binge drinkers in the western world.

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Girls reaching puberty earlier

15th June 2010

Girls reach puberty younger which has important emotional implications.

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Bone health depends on fat carried in body

4th March 2010

A study has found the type of fat carried in obese teenage girls effects their bone health.

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Osteoporosis risk for teenage girls who diet

6th January 2010

New research shows teenage girls who diet are at a high risk of developing osteoporosis.

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West African girls to get major boost

22nd January 2009

Adolescent girls in the West African nation of Liberia are about to get a major boost.

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Girls 'link happiness to weight'

23rd November 2007

Being slim and attractive means happiness and popularity, according to girls as young as seven.

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