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Saturday 26th May 2018

Mentally Ill Articles


Children on adult mental health wards

17th February 2016

Hundreds of mentally ill children being treated on adult wards.

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NHS accused of 'shunting' mentally ill children

16th July 2014

Norman Lamb accuses NHS organisations of 'shunting' mentally ill children into specialist inpatient care.

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Mentally ill need more help to quit smoking

18th September 2013

Health boards urged to look at their support for the mentally ill to help them stop smoking.

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Mentally ill should not be held in cells

9th September 2013

Senior police officer says police stations should stop being used as places to detain mentally ill.

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Too many mentally ill being held by police

20th June 2013

Watchdogs say police are putting too many mentall ill into cells.

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Mental health services new commissioning guidance

8th February 2012

New commissioning guidance recommends mentally ill patients should be managed mainly in primary care.

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Call to create jobs for mentally ill

8th February 2011

Charity says public sector jobs should be offered to people recovering from a mental illness.

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Psychiatry, Human Rights and the Law (Paperback)

17th June 2009

This thought-provoking volume is based on papers given by practising and academic lawyers, judges, psychiatrists, forensic experts and sociologists to a recent conference in Cambridge.

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New benefit rules will drive mentally ill into poverty

27th October 2008

Campaigners warn strict new benefit rules could drive mentally ill into poverty.

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Mentally ill short of money

12th May 2008

The charity Mind finds people with mental health issues struggle to make ends meet.

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