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Thursday 24th May 2018

Dengue Articles


Dengue vaccine scare

4th December 2017

Investigation launched in the Philippines into immunisation of children with dengue vaccine.

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Dengu fever kills 20

24th November 2016

At least 20 people have died in the West African state of Burkina Faso from Dengue fever.

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Mosquitoes could transmit exotic diseases

23rd March 2015

Experts are warning in the next few decades mosquitoes could be bringing dengue fever and West Nile virus to the UK.

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Dengue vaccine shows promise

11th July 2014

Scientists say first dengue fever vaccine shows promising results.

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Dengue fever risk at Brazil World Cup

19th May 2014

An early warning system has been developed by scientists to alert risk of dengue fever during Brazil World Cup.

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Mosquitoes still pose threat in parts of the globe

31st March 2014

Daytime-biting mosquitoes are causing problems in the Caribbean.

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Dengue cases in Brazil almost triple

27th February 2013

Brazil health authorities say confirmed cases of dengue fever has seen a steep rise.

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Subtle genetic changes found in dengue virus

14th February 2013

Scientists report subtle genetic changes in the dominant dengue virus strain in southern India.

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People help spread dengue fever

5th February 2013

Targeting the homes infected with pesticides won't stop them taking the disease to their friend's house, a study finds.

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Dengue fever hits Madeira

16th October 2012

Tourists are being warned to protect themselves against mosquito bites when travelling to Madeira.

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