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Friday 22nd June 2018

Community Care Articles


Netbooks roll-out at Cardiff and Vale

12th June 2015

Community and mental health staff can now view and update patient records on the move with the use of netbooks.

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Community nursing numbers falling

23rd May 2013

Nursing leaders say drop in community nurses is adding to NHS pressure.

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Hospitals should be saved for seriously ill

8th March 2013

A report says caring for patients in own homes and saving hospitals for the seriously ill could be the way forward.

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Call for more community focused care

21st January 2013

Sir David Nicholson says care for older people needs to shift towards caring for them in the community.

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Community care is failing the vulnerable

2nd November 2011

Reports claims community care has failed most vulnerable members of the society.

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Malnutrition on the rise

16th March 2011

According to a survey a third of patients admitted to hospital are 'at risk of malnutrition'.

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Mental health in the slow lane

5th November 2008

Charles Kaye and Michael Howlett write in the HSJ on mental health in the slow lane.

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Mental health rules get tough

3rd November 2008

Controversial reform of mental health laws allowing compulsory treatment in the community launched.

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Credit crunch threat to mental health

10th October 2008

Survey suggests fallout from the economic downturn could be a significant threat to mental health.

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NHS Homes Swindle

26th March 2006

Panorama investigation into the scandal of payment for continuing care.

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