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Sunday 20th May 2018

Lyme Disease Articles


Lyme disease symptoms

18th April 2017

How to recognise Lyme disease in humans.

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ESA back Scottish project to map tick hotspots

13th May 2015

The European Space Agency gives financial backing to new Scottish project.

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Be 'tick aware' to avoid Lyme disease

28th March 2012

Tick Bite Prevention Week begins.

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Lyme disease risk from dogs high

25th January 2012

Lyme disease may be more prevalent in the UK than realised.

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New Lyme disease discovered

9th December 2011

Scientists say a new tick-born disease is making its way around the world.

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Lyme disease on the increase

16th May 2011

Cases of Lyme disease have tripled in the past 10 years.

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New test detects Lyme disease

24th June 2010

The LIPS test quickly and accurately detects Lyme disease.

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Warning issued about Lyme disease

6th May 2010

The HPA has issued advice on what to do if a tick is found to reduce catching Lyme disease.

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