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Saturday 26th May 2018

Macular Degeneration Articles


Statins could reverse age-related macular degeneration

5th February 2016

Scientists have discovered statins could reverse the most common for of blindness.

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Stem cell surgery could cure age-related blindness

29th September 2015

Surgeons carry out first embryonic stem cell surgery aimed at reversing vision loss.

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Avastin should be used for eyes

21st November 2014

Clinical trials found Avastin is safe and effective for elderly people losing their sight.

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Breakthrough for blind people

11th June 2014

Retina grown from stem cells in lab could eventually treat patients with macular degeneration.

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Age-related vision loss could be prevented

4th April 2013

Targeting cholesterol build up in eye could help prevent age-related macular degeneration.

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Natural remedy could cure blindness

7th February 2013

A natural remedy could be the cure for age-related macular degeneration and blindness.

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Aspirin link to age-related vision loss

4th October 2011

Researchers said the benefits of aspirin could still outweigh the risks for some patients.

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Diabetics denied drug

15th July 2011

NICE have refused to make diabetes drug available on the NHS.

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Vitamin D diet can help failing eyesight

8th July 2011

Reduce risk of macular degeneration by having a diet high in vitamin D.

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Macular oedema (retinal vein occlusion) - dexamethasone

7th June 2011

Final appraisal determination document.

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