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Sunday 21st July 2019

Antipsychotic Articles


Study into antipsychotics

24th April 2015

Study to explore antipsychotic or placebo for mental health conditions.

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FDA has not approved Forest, Richter drug

21st November 2013

The FDA have declined to approve a new antipsychotic drug.

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Diabetes risk 'tripled' with use of antipsychotic drugs

23rd August 2013

Antipsychotic medications can triple risk of children developing type 2 diabetes.

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FDA sued by AstraZeneca

13th March 2012

AstraZeneca suing FDA over generic versions of antipsychotic drug.

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Death risk from antipsychotics charted

24th February 2012

US research suggests some antipsychotic drugs prescribed to dementia patients increase risk of death.

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NHS given another year to prescribe fewer 'killer' drugs

30th November 2011

NHS given another 16 months to hit target of prescribing fewer antipsychotic drugs.

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Laughter better than drugs for dementia

3rd October 2011

Researchers say laughter could be a viable alternative to anti-psychotic drugs.

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Nurofen Plus warning

26th August 2011

Safety alert issued following reports that some batches of Nurofen Plus contain antipsychotic drugs.

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Calls to cut use of dementia drugs

9th June 2011

Experts renew calls to cut the use of 'chemical cosh' drugs prescribed to people with dementia.

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the week: issue 174, 26 Nov - 2 Dec

14th December 2010

The week provides need-to-know news, consultations and events for chief executives and their teams.

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