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Wednesday 21st August 2019

Taiwan Articles


Mushrooms 'slow weight gain'

24th June 2015

Researchers in Taiwan say mushrooms used in Chinese medicine reduces weight gain in animals.

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Rabies returns to Taiwan

2nd August 2013

Vaccine doses ordered by Taiwan as rabies returns after more than 50 years.

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First bird flu case reported in Taiwan

25th April 2013

Health officials have confirmed H7N9 has been reported in Taiwan.

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Hearing loss linked to sleep apnoea

24th January 2012

Research shows a strong statistical link between patients with sleep apnoea and sudden, temporary hearing loss.

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Taiwan dieters shed tons of weight

13th December 2011

An island-wide weight-loss campaign sheds a cumulative total of 130 metric tons of weight.

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Epilepsy and schizophrenia linked

20th September 2011

Study finds strong relationship between the two disorders.

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15 minutes of exercise lengthens life

16th August 2011

Research suggests just 15 minutes a day of exercise can increase life expectancy by three years.

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Taiwan sports drink scare prompts recall

31st May 2011

Problems are linked to an emulsifier tainted with phthalate, a form of plastic.

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Taiwan warning over selective abortions

18th May 2011

The government says it will strike-off any doctor performing a selective abortion of a female foetus.

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Retail therapy could really be good for you

12th April 2011

Research suggests shopping for daily necessities can prolong life.

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