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Wednesday 21st August 2019

Breast Articles


Things to know about breast implants

26th February 2013

The FDA has online tools available to help women with decision on getting breast implants.

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Review of breast care services at Solihull

10th January 2013

Independent review of breast care services to begin at Solihull Hospital.

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3D mammograms may improve diagnosis accuracy

21st November 2012

Some researchers see better results from using 3D breast imaging.

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Breast screening, women overdiagnosed

30th October 2012

A review has found for every one woman saved, roughly three women were overdiagnosed following breast screening.

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Breast cancer set to treble by 2040

16th October 2012

Charities say NHS faces 'crisis' as 1.7 million predicted to have breast cancer by 2040.

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Boob job jab withdrawn

23rd April 2012

Breast surgeons back withdrawal of breast enhancement jab.

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Woman with PIP implants given refund

14th March 2012

Lloyds TSB has refunded £3,700 to woman who had PIP implants saying she was sold faulty goods.

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PIP firm boss jailed

7th March 2012

Jean-Claude Mas, boss of PIP firm has been jailed after not paying bail.

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Media accused of 'hyping up' PIP implant scare

29th February 2012

Private body in Scotland accuses the media of worrying people unnecessarily over the PIP breast implant scare.

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NHS to support women with PIP implants

30th January 2012

Advice from the NHS is that women do not need to have PIP implants removed unless they have symptoms such as pain and tenderness.

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