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Wednesday 17th July 2019

Contraceptive Pill Articles


Pill does not contribute to birth defects

7th January 2016

A large-scale study shows oral contraceptives do not increase risk of birth defects.

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Crohn's risk from the Pill

17th March 2015

Study suggests women on the Pill are three times more likely to develop Crohn's disease.

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Contraceptive pill helps prevent dementia

9th November 2012

Research suggests contraceptive pill can stave off dementia even years after women have stopped taking it.

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'Five-day-after' pill to be sold at chemists

19th October 2012

A pill to prevent pregnancy five days after sex to be made available without prescription.

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Scientists move closer to male pill

20th August 2012

Successful studies in mice could mean the male contraceptive pill is a step closer.

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Male contraceptive pill could be developed

25th May 2012

Researchers identify a gene critical for production of healthy sperm which may lead to a new male contraceptive pill.

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Long-term contraception more effective

25th May 2012

US research finds long-term contraception is more effective than the pill.

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Skin patches 'riskier' than pill

11th May 2012

Researchers say skin patches or vaginal rings used for contraception presents a higher risk of blood clots than pill.

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Give contraceptive pill without prescription

26th April 2012

An NHS report says girls as young as 13 should be given pill without a prescription from the doctor.

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Bayer to pay millions in settlement

13th April 2012

Bayer set to pay at least $110m to settle lawsuits over claims of birth-control pill causing blood clots.

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