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Friday 20th April 2018

Sunitinib Articles


The future of cancer treatment?

9th July 2012

Researcher who developed leukaemia is now in remission after colleagues sequenced his genome to find the right drug.

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Woman who recently won her fight for cancer drug dies

12th May 2010

Kent mother dies after battle to receive Sunitinib on the NHS.

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Kidney cancer drug approved

4th February 2009

NICE has in principal approved kidney cancer drug.

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Kidney cancer drug decision

7th August 2008

Patients with advanced kidney cancer will be denied some treatments on the NHS.

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Postcode lottery as some trusts decide to offer cancer drug

31st March 2008

The Pan Birmingham Cancer Network is to offer kidney cancer drug, sunitinib from tomorrow. Good news for Birmingham patients but a potential 'postcode lottery' for others.

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Cancer drug heart problems link

17th December 2007

Study finds a link between the cancer drug sunitinib (Sutent) and cardiovascular problems.

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