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Monday 21st May 2018

Stomach Cancer Articles


Alcohol linked to stomach cancer

22nd April 2016

According to experts people who consume three or more drinks per day may be raising their risk of stomach cancer.

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Breath test for stomach cancer risk

14th April 2015

Study shows simple breath test could predict risk of stomach cancer developing.

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Daily aspirin can cut bowel cancer deaths

6th August 2014

Bowel and stomach cancer deaths can be reduced by taking an aspirin every day.

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Cancer sufferers are living longer than they were in the 1970s

29th April 2014

Half of cancer sufferers in England and Wales have life-expectancies of ten years or more.

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Breath test to detect stomach cancers

6th March 2013

Study suggests new type of breath test detects nanoparticles that could help to diagnose stomach cancers.

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Reduce salt to cut cancer risk

23rd July 2012

The World Cancer Research Fund wants people to cut back on salty foods.

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Crab-like robot removes stomach cancer

2nd February 2012

Researchers have created a crab-like robot that can remove early-stage stomach cancer without leaving any scars.

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Soy gives no stomach cancer protection

10th January 2012

A recent Japanese study has found soy properties only protect against certain cancers.

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Heavy drinking linked to stomach cancer

31st October 2011

A European study shows that people who have four alcoholic drinks a day, especially if the drink is beer, have a higher incidence of stomach cancer.

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Osteoporosis drugs unlikely to increase risk of cancer

13th August 2010

A new study shows drugs used to treat the bone-thinning disease are unlikely to increase the risk of cancer of the food pipe or stomach.

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