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Tuesday 16th July 2019

Food Poisoning Articles


How to avoid food poisoning

8th December 2017

Expert reveals five tips to avoid food poisoning.

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Poisoning risk from bags for life

3rd October 2017

Consumer watchdog warns bags for life pose a food poisoning risk if they are used to carry raw foods.

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Rare burgers on BBQ food poisoning risk

25th August 2016

Avoid food poisoning at BBQ by not eating burgers that are pink in the middle.

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Washing chicken increases risk of food poisoning

16th June 2014

A survey by the Food Standards agency found 44% washed chicken before cooking.

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Food bug linked to MS

29th January 2014

US researchers say multiple sclerosis linked to food bug.

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Elderly hit by food poisoning

5th June 2013

US health report says soft cheese and raw produce have caused many listeria outbreaks.

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Outbreak of food poisoning in Hornchurch

4th January 2013

A woman has died and 30 more ill after Christmas Day lunch at a pub in Hornchurch.

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People taking risks with food

11th June 2012

A survey suggests people are trying to save money by storing leftovers for longer and not paying attention to use-by dates.

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Garlic effective against food poisoning

10th May 2012

Garlic has been proven as more effective against food poisoning than antibiotics.

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Food poisoning linked to chicken liver

2nd December 2011

Experts say over 90% of food poisoning this year was due to people eating undercooked chicken liver pate.

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