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Thursday 21st September 2017

Food Poisoning Articles


Rare burgers on BBQ food poisoning risk

25th August 2016

Avoid food poisoning at BBQ by not eating burgers that are pink in the middle.

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Washing chicken increases risk of food poisoning

16th June 2014

A survey by the Food Standards agency found 44% washed chicken before cooking.

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Food bug linked to MS

29th January 2014

US researchers say multiple sclerosis linked to food bug.

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Elderly hit by food poisoning

5th June 2013

US health report says soft cheese and raw produce have caused many listeria outbreaks.

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Outbreak of food poisoning in Hornchurch

4th January 2013

A woman has died and 30 more ill after Christmas Day lunch at a pub in Hornchurch.

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People taking risks with food

11th June 2012

A survey suggests people are trying to save money by storing leftovers for longer and not paying attention to use-by dates.

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Garlic effective against food poisoning

10th May 2012

Garlic has been proven as more effective against food poisoning than antibiotics.

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Food poisoning linked to chicken liver

2nd December 2011

Experts say over 90% of food poisoning this year was due to people eating undercooked chicken liver pate.

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Food poisoning fears at racecourse

24th August 2011

Eleven people fell ill at Hamilton racecourse with three needing hospital treatment.

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More cases of E coli expected

15th August 2011

E coli outbreak in Wales expected to get worse say health officials.

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