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Friday 23rd August 2019

Premature Babies Articles


Overseas patient's unpaid NHS bill

2nd February 2017

Nigerian woman has run up a £330,000 bill for NHS treatment after giving birth to quadruplets prematurely.

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Welsh NHS needs to tackle 'shortfalls'

27th September 2016

An annual audit has concluded the Welsh NHS needs to tackle 'shortfalls' in care being provided for sick and premature babies.

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Unacceptable gaps in NHS baby services

13th April 2016

A child health expert says there are completely unacceptable gaps in services to help sick and premature babies.

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Could urine test predict risk of pre-term birth?

11th July 2014

Researchers say urine test could predict pre-term birth risk in first trimester.

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Sugar given as gel can help premature babies

25th September 2013

Experts suggest a dose of sugar given as gel is a cheap and effective way to protect premature babies.

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Fewer premature births due to smoking ban

15th February 2013

New research shows successive drops in premature babies being born.

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HIV patients' brains show premature ageing

7th December 2012

Premature ageing of the brain is a concern among people with HIV.

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More premature babies surviving

5th December 2012

Figures for England show more severely premature babies are surviving.

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Thousands of premature births could be prevented

19th November 2012

A study published in The Lancet suggests interventions could prevent around 58,000 premature births.

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Premature baby dies after outbreak of bug at hospital

10th October 2012

Baby dies and 12 others given treatment at Southmead Hospital after outbreak of pseudomonas.

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