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Tuesday 16th July 2019

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Articles


New standards published on IBS in adults

22nd February 2016

NICE publishes new guidance on how to diagnose and treat IBS.

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Woman finds way to control IBS

6th July 2012

Woman in California has found a way to control her IBS.

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IBS hospital admissions down

16th April 2012

Official figures show IBS hospital admissions down 2% year-on-year.

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Women misdiagnosed with IBS

20th March 2012

Many seriously ill women are being misdiagnosed with IBS.

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Probiotic drinks tame IBS

29th November 2011

Irritable bowel syndrome can be eased by drinking probiotic drinks say experts.

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Belief and suggestion ease symptoms

26th August 2011

A US-led study shows that placebo pills work on some patients even when they are openly described as such.

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Bugs cause IBS

17th May 2011

Researchers believe IBS is caused by bacteria and may be the result of food poisoning.

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IBS eased with antibiotics

6th January 2011

Research has revealed a two week course of antibiotics can ease symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

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IBS really does exist

26th August 2010

Researchers discover IBS is caused by tiny inflammations in the mucosa of the gut.

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Expressive writing boosts bowels

29th June 2010

Experts say the technique is useful for those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome and other health problems.

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