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Saturday 20th July 2019

Cosmetic Surgery Articles


Cosmetic procedures fall by 40%

13th February 2017

Figures show number of people having cosmetic surgery has fallen by 40% in the UK.

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Cosmetic surgery needs new guidelines

12th April 2016

New guidelines being brought in for cosmetic procedures in bid to stop cowboys.

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Minor cosmetic procedures safe if done right

6th November 2014

Researchers say Botox injections and other minor procedures are very safe in expert hands.

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Liposuction procedures rose by 41%

4th February 2014

Figures show a rise of 41% in liposuction procedures last year.

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Plea for tighter restrictions on cosmetic surgery

2nd January 2013

A call has been made to remove 'hard sell' techniques from the cosmetic surgery sector.

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Plastic surgery ads should be banned

21st September 2012

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons call for a ban on plastic surgery adverts.

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Chin implants new 'big thing' in US

16th April 2012

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported 20,680 chin jobs in 2011.

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Call for cosmetic ads ban

23rd January 2012

Cosmetic surgeons call for advertising to be banned.

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Insurance for cosmetic surgery plans

20th January 2012

Insurance scheme should be introduced for cosmetic surgery patients.

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Fillers could be next cosmetic scandal

4th January 2012

Experts have warned patients using anti-ageing injections could be at risk as the market is largely unregulated.

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