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Wednesday 17th July 2019

West Nile Virus Articles


Mosquitoes could transmit exotic diseases

23rd March 2015

Experts are warning in the next few decades mosquitoes could be bringing dengue fever and West Nile virus to the UK.

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West Nile virus deaths continue to rise

6th September 2012

Severe cases of West Nile virus are expected to rise.

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Texas hit by West Nile virus outbreak

21st August 2012

Authorities have launched a series of aerial pesticide spraying campaigns and are warning people to eliminate standing water.

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Lawn-watering linked to West Nile virus

8th November 2011

People who live near canals and flooded gardens in the US are most at risk, researchers warn.

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New hope in filariasis battle

12th October 2010

The sequencing of the genome of the Culex group of mosquitoes, which carry roundworm, paves the way for new interventions.

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