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Wednesday 18th September 2019

Prostate Cancer Articles


Blood test for prostate cancer targets treatment

19th June 2017

Blood test, developed by scientists, could pick out which men with advanced prostate cancer would benefit from new drug.

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Blood test could help target prostate cancer treatment

4th May 2017

Blood test developed that could help target treatment for advanced prostate cancer.

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Sepsis is the biggest killer

10th March 2017

Sepsis kills more people in the UK each year than bowel, breast and prostate cancer.

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Leap in diagnosing prostate cancer

20th January 2017

Advanced MRI scanning nearly doubles number of aggressive tumours caught.

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Pfizer to buy cancer drug firm

22nd August 2016

Pfizer confirm that it will buy US cancer drug firm, Medivation.

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Prostate cancer gene discovered

8th July 2016

Scientists discover gene which increases risk of prostate cancer.

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Larger waistline linked to prostate cancer

3rd June 2016

A study suggests prostate cancer aggression linked to waist size.

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British men very unaware of prostate cancer

22nd April 2016

Men's health charity say British men are ignorant of prostate gland.

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Dogs used to detect prostate cancer

10th August 2015

First ever UK trials using dogs to detect prostate cancer is given the go ahead.

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Five types of prostate cancer found

30th July 2015

Scientists have identified five types of prostate cancer, each with a distinct genetic signature.

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