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Friday 23rd August 2019

Food Labelling Articles


FDA may revise food and drink nutrition labels

24th January 2014

FDA says labels need to reflect changes in nutrition knowledge.

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Food labelling system to be rolled out

19th June 2013

Consistent food labelling system to be rolled out in the UK.

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FDA delay menu labelling

12th March 2013

Head of the FDA says menu labelling is a 'thorny' issue.

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Views sought on nutrition labelling

11th February 2013

Consultation launched on views for front of pack nutrition labelling.

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Hygiene ratings go ahead in Wales

23rd January 2013

Wales will become first in the UK to force restaurants to display hygiene rates.

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Consistent food labelling system to start

24th October 2012

The government says a consistent system of food labelling will be introduced in the UK.

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Misleading labelling: is it legal?

12th June 2012

Tropicana is facing approximately 20 lawsuits due to labelling that misleads consumers into thinking they are buying fresh orange juice.

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Food colouring and hyperactivity

17th February 2012

Many processed foods are derived from coal tar which causes hyperactivity in children.

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Label 'loophole' used by food manufacturers

6th January 2011

A labelling loophole means food manufacturers can deliberately mislead the public about fat content.

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MEPs vote on food labelling

17th June 2010

Euro MPs back plans for standard food labels.

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