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Sunday 25th August 2019

Tb Articles


TB breakthrough for British scientists

24th March 2017

Researchers have made a world-first tuberculosis breakthrough.

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Animal TB threatens human health

30th September 2016

Leading doctors and vets warn animal tuberculosis is a bigger threat to human health than previously thought.

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Viral hepatitis is one of the leading killers

7th July 2016

Research in the Lancet suggests viral hepatitis kills as many as AIDS or TB.

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More funding needed for TB

20th November 2015

Health agencies warn more money is needed to beat tuberculosis.

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TB as deadly as HIV

29th October 2015

WHO says TB now ranks alongside HIV as world's most deadly infectious disease.

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Higher TB rates in London than Iraq

27th October 2015

A report finds parts of London have higher rates of tuberculosis than Rwanda or Iraq.

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University students to get measles vaccine in California

9th February 2015

Students will be required to be screened for tuberculosis and vaccinated for measles, mumps, rubella and other diseases.

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Plan to wipe out TB in England launched

20th January 2015

A new action plan launched by Public Health England and NHS England to wipe out TB in England.

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TB breath test developed

25th September 2014

Researchers develop breath test for tuberculosis.

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TB barcode uncovered

15th September 2014

Scientists devise a new genetic barcode to help identify different types of tuberculosis.

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