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Tuesday 17th September 2019

Tb Articles


New drug-resistant TB found in India

17th January 2012

Drug-resistant strains of TB have been reported for the first time in India.

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TB patients fail to complete treatment

6th December 2011

One in 20 TB patients fail to complete the full treatment for their infection.

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Royalty-free scheme for 'poor' diseases

1st November 2011

UN partnership to speed up the development of drugs for diseases suffered by the world's poorest people.

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Global TB cases fall for first time

12th October 2011

World Health Organisation figures show a fall in people with tuberculosis.

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TB could reach 40m

5th October 2011

Study suggests 40m smokers could die from TB by 2050.

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Ladybird blood could help beat MRSA

21st September 2011

A toxic ladybird could prove useful against MRSA and TB.

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Drug-resistant TB cases double in a decade

14th September 2011

Health officials say TB strain is untreatable by most drugs and many cases are not being reported.

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TB signs not detected

12th September 2011

A young girl died of tuberculosis after hospital failed to pick up the condition.

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New vaccine for TB

6th September 2011

US scientists say bacterium related to TB could form the basis for the new vaccine.

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TB on the rise

1st August 2011

Tuberculosis has re-emerged as a public health problem.

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