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Monday 27th March 2017

Hip Replacement Articles


Under-60s hip replacements soaring

2nd March 2016

Figures reveal a rise of 76% in hip replacements over the last decade for people under 60.

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Warning over swaddling babies

28th October 2013

An expert warns that swaddling a baby could lead to hip problems in later life.

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Death rates following hip replacement half

27th September 2013

Figures show dramatic fall in hip replacement deaths.

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Stroke risk from hip replacement

9th November 2012

Stoke risk increases with total hip replacements according to data.

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Tighter safety needed on medical implants

5th November 2012

MPs call for tighter safety of medical implants such as metal-on-metal hip replacements.

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Faulty hip implants have ruined lives

23rd October 2012

Professor Tom Joyce explains some problems that arise from poorly designed prosthetics.

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Hip resurfacing failure

3rd October 2012

Study finds an unacceptably high failure rate in hip resurfacing.

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Hip fracture hospital stays down

7th September 2012

Report shows length of hospital stays for hip facture patients has falled 5% over past year.

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Smoking linked to hip and knee replacement failure

18th April 2012

Studies find hip and knee replacement failure is associated with smoking.

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No evidence of cancer from hip replacements

4th April 2012

A study suggests there is no evidence to support cancer risk from metal-on-metal hip replacements.

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