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Monday 28th May 2018

Council Articles


Vulnerable people missing out on council tax discount

29th September 2017

Thousands of 'mentally impaired' people could be missing out on council tax discount because councils are slow to offer information on the scheme.

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Council at breaking point

18th September 2017

Council to raise formal concerns over proposals to evolve into an accountable care system.

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Smoking in new council homes may be banned

9th May 2017

A UK public health expert has said smoking could be banned in new council homes to protect children's health.

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Care firms cancel contracts with council

20th March 2017

An investigation has found care firms have cancelled contracts with 95 UK councils.

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Council cuts could lead to legal action

8th November 2016

Experts say council cuts to care in England are so severe families may take legal action.

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Councils failing to pay fair price for care

25th October 2016

Industry says nine out of 10 councils in the UK not paying a fair price to support older and disabled people in their own homes.

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Cuts to public health could fuel obesity rise in children

15th July 2016

Cuts to children's health services could cause a rise in childhood obesity according to senior health advocates.

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Council approve staff smoking ban

21st April 2016

Nottinghamshire County Council has approved plans to ban employees from smoking cigarettes and e-cigarettes.

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Wiltshire Council considering legal challenge

4th December 2015

Dispute over better care fund payments could see Wiltshire Council make a legal challenge against Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group.

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Two-thirds of requests for care are rejected

7th October 2015

Figures show local councils turn away two-thirds of older and disabled people in England.

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