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Monday 23rd September 2019

Middle East Articles


Another case of coronavirus identified in UK

12th February 2013

Second case of 'Sars-like' virus identified by HPA in UK.

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Camel urine may yield cure for cancer

5th February 2013

Researchers in Saudi Arabia are waiting for approval to proceed with further trials of a substance extracted from camel urine.

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Doctors smuggled in for secret hospital

29th May 2012

A group of UK-based Syrian doctors is helping to run secret hospitals inside the country amid continuing attacks on opposition supporters.

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Poor hospital care puts lives at risk in developing world

14th March 2012

Study finds more than one death per day in the Middle East and Africa that could have been prevented.

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UN backs Syrian hospital torture claims

6th March 2012

The United Nations says video and testimony given to its investigators largely support recent Channel 4 video showing tortured Syrian patients.

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Enemas deadly in elderly patients

28th February 2012

An Israeli research team finds that sodium phosphate enemas prove to be a false friend in cases of constipation.

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Egypt develops new hepatitis C test

3rd January 2012

The research team used gold nanoparticles to detect the presence of the virus, which is prevalent in the region.

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Wounded Syrians walk to Lebanon

20th December 2011

Syrians wounded in their country's internal conflict are having their access to emergency medical care blocked by government agents.

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Qat chewing linked to heart risk in men

13th December 2011

The stimulating leaf is widely chewed for social enjoyment in Yemen and elsewhere in the Middle East.

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Pelvic floor control helped by biofeedback

8th November 2011

Children with urinary problems benefit from an animated computer programme, according to Iranian researchers.

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