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Wednesday 17th July 2019

Tuberculosis Articles


Deadly strain of TB found in South Africa

13th February 2013

Doctors warn world could face outbreak of 'virtually untreatable' TB.

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Failure for TB vaccine

5th February 2013

A major setback in the development of a tuberculosis booster vaccine as major trial fails.

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TB can 'lurk' in bone marrow

31st January 2013

Study reveals tuberculosis can 'lurk' in patients' bone marrow where it is protected from drugs.

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New tuberculosis test boosts diagnosis accuracy

7th December 2012

Field trials show a new rapid tuberculosis detecting machine significantly reduces time to identify disease and is more accurate.

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'e-Nose' breath test detects TB

27th November 2012

Scientists are developing a cheap and simple diagnostic test that can 'sniff out' tuberculosis.

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Cheap, paper-based test for liver damage

20th November 2012

The test will show doctors whether a patient's liver has been damaged, and help them to adjust treatment and medications.

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WHO says TB effort 'in real danger'

23rd October 2012

Latest figures from WHO show 8.7m new cases in 2011 of tuberculosis despite international effort to eliminate the disease.

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US$8m HIV and TB facility to open in South Africa

25th September 2012

40,000 square feet of research building to be opened in Durban, South Africa.

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Vitamin D could help treat TB

4th September 2012

Doctors in London say vitamin D could reduce inflammation in the body which allows tuberculosis to thrive.

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Gaps in TB screening in the UK

30th July 2012

Experts fear those at most risk of developing tuberculosis are not being targeted by screening programmes.

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