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Monday 16th September 2019

Tuberculosis Articles


New drug could stop spread of resistant TB

24th July 2012

Within two weeks, the new combination of three drugs killed 99% of patients' tuberculosis bacteria.

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Drug-resistant TB on the rise

5th July 2012

The HPA has revealed that cases of tuberculosis have risen over a quarter in the last year in the UK.

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UK should commit more cash to Global Fund

22nd May 2012

MPs urge the UK to give more money to the Global Fund that fights AIDS.

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Police arrest non-compliant TB patient

21st May 2012

Authorities in California arrest a man for not taking his TB medicine and risking infecting others.

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Schoolgirl dies from TB

15th May 2012

GP claimed 15-year-old girl was 'lovesick'.

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Alpaca TB campaigner has disease

30th April 2012

Cornish woman who campaigned for compulsory TB testing of alpacas has contracted the disease.

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The UK reported more than 9,000 TB cases in 2011

26th March 2012

Provisional figures show a 5% increase in TB cases in the UK.

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Primary school pupil treated for TB

14th March 2012

A Belfast pupil is being treated for tuberculosis.

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WHO warns antibiotics now in crisis

13th March 2012

WHO warns of a global crisis in antibiotics.

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Agreement in China to produce TB vaccines

25th January 2012

China has joined forces with Aeras to start developing new vaccines for tuberculosis.

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