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Thursday 24th May 2018

Gp Consortia Articles


GPs should not be dictated to

5th December 2011

Andrew Lansley has told GPs they should not be 'dictated to' over CCG groups.

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Lib Dem activists fail to force NHS vote

19th September 2011

Lib Dem activists fail at their conference to force vote on controversial NHS changes.

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GP consortia to have nurse on board

8th June 2011

The government is set to make it compulsory for a nurse to sit on GP consortia board.

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GP and Practice Team Bulletin – March 2011

11th April 2011

This bulletin is a monthly information update providing resources on health policy and practice for GPs and the primary care audience, including practice managers and nurses.

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GP consortia should have nurse on board

5th April 2011

MPs say it should be compulsory for nurses to be on commissioners boards.

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GP consortia will have to save £50m over next 4 years

25th March 2011

McKinsey's have told GP consortia they will have to save £1m a month.

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Consortia staff to be limited

10th March 2011

The HSJ understands that the consortia will be limited to the number of staff they can employ directly.

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Management consultants hired by GPs

10th March 2011

GP consortia seeking advice from McKinsey to implement NHS reforms.

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Sir David Nicholson says the NHS needs to change

25th February 2011

Sir David Nicholson says hospitals need to change and adapt to face up to the new world.

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