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Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Resistance Articles


Genetically modified mosquito can resist malaria

24th November 2015

US scientists say they have bread a mosquito that can resist the malaria infection.

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Hope in fight against malaria

10th May 2013

Strain of bacteria found by researchers that can make mosquitoes resistant to malaria parasite.

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Antibiotics resistance worry

11th March 2013

Chief medical officer for England warns about antibiotic resistance.

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Harmful bacteria found in US pork

29th November 2012

Report found pork chop and ground pork products in the US could be tainted with antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

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Antibiotic resistance concern

19th November 2012

Antibiotic resistance is one of the greatest threats to modern health.

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Antibiotic-resistance bacteria research gets funding

8th February 2012

It has been announced that the government is to make £500,000 available for new research into antibiotic-resistance bacteria.

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Bed-bugs have become resistant

12th December 2011

Insecticides used in the tropics is being blamed for the rise in infestations of bed-bugs.

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Fish oils may block cancer drugs

13th September 2011

Researchers advise cancer patients not to take fish oil supplements.

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Warning over resurgent bird flu

30th August 2011

The UN warns that a mutant strain of H5N1 avian influenza could be spreading in East Asia and beyond.

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Seagulls may be spreading superbugs

21st September 2010

Researchers discover seagulls carry antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

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