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Thursday 24th May 2018

Heatwave Articles


September heatwave to hit the UK

13th September 2016

Health warnings are issued ahead of what could be the hottest September day in the UK.

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Heatwave alert in England

23rd August 2016

Possible heatwave conditions on Tuesday and Thursday in parts of England.

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How to keep cool

3rd July 2015

Remedies to help you keep cool and sleep at night.

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Six steps reduce pain from sunburn

20th April 2015

Advice on sunburn as heat waves sweep Britain.

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How many deaths because of the heatwave?

19th July 2013

According to The Times, hundreds of lives have been claimed by the heatwave.

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Rise in A&E visits due to heatwave

17th July 2013

A&E departments overstretched due to the number of people suffering sunstroke, sunburn and heatwave-related injuries.

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Heatwave alerts for England

12th July 2013

Temperatures are set to reach 30C as Met office issue heatwave alerts.

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GPs get more heatwave advice

16th July 2012

Factsheet published by the Royal College of Physicians to provide more advice for GPs.

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Heatwave in US leaves dozens dead

10th July 2012

Record heatwave in US sees at least 42 people die.

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Heatwave plan for England

27th May 2011

Protecting health and reducing harm from extreme heat and heatwaves.

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