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Tuesday 17th September 2019

Metabolic Syndrome Articles


Sleep loss boosts diabetes risk in teens

2nd October 2012

Experts warn teenagers could be putting themselves at increased risk of diabetes by playing video games all night.

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Obese teens score lower on brain tests

4th September 2012

Adolescents who had metabolic syndrome scored significantly lower on academic tests, as well as showing structural brain changes.

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Pre-diabetes treatment needed

12th June 2012

A study suggests an 'early and aggressive' approach is needed towards diabetes.

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Many in denial over obesity health risks

19th October 2011

Experts say people in the US appear to lack awareness of the health problems linked to obesity.

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Fizzy drinks linked to cancer

9th February 2010

A Singapore study shows increased risk of pancreatic cancer among those who drink more than two sugar-sweetened sodas daily.

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Older people need more sunshine

18th May 2009

Experts say spending more time in the sun could help older people cut their risk of heart disease and diabetes.

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Belly fat affects lung performance

10th March 2009

French researchers suggest 'love handles' can limit the ability to take a deep breath.

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Take a break from sitting down

14th April 2008

Breaks from sitting down boost overall health, Australian study finds.

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Tai Chi 'helps diabetes'

1st April 2008

Research suggests Tai Chi can help improve blood sugar and immune response.

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Japan's compulsory fat checks

31st March 2008

The government has introduced mandatory 'fat checks' for the over-40s.

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