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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Death Articles


Inquiry launched into hospital deaths

10th December 2014

Inquiry launched into deaths of dozens of elderly patients at Gosport War Memorial Hospital in Hampshire between 1988 and 2000.

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Another hospital feed baby has died

1st July 2014

Public Health England has revealed a third baby has died after being given a contaminated hospital feed.

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Babies developed blood poisoning from liquid feed

5th June 2014

One newborn has died and 18 have been infected, bringing questions from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

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Processed meat linked to early death

7th March 2013

Study suggests processed meat appears to increase risk of early death.

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Fall in paracetamol overdoses

8th February 2013

A study suggests since law change on pack sizes, overdose deaths by paracetamol have fell by 43%.

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Hospital staff shortages behind thousands of deaths a year

22nd January 2013

Research shows patients were nearly 10% more likely to die when there were fewer medically-trained staff available.

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Widowers 30% more likley to have an early death

23rd October 2012

New research suggests grieving husbands are more likely to have an early death.

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Death should be talked about more

18th May 2012

Doctors are urged to be more open about preparing patients and families for the end of life.

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Five most common death-bed regrets

31st January 2012

A former nurse has listed the five most common death-bed regrets, one being 'losing touch with friends'.

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Flu death toll rises to 17

17th December 2010

So far this winter 17 people, including 6 children, have died from the flu virus.

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