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Sunday 27th May 2018

Employee Articles


Employees get angry over after work texts

11th March 2015

A new study finds many employees get angry when they receive out of hours texts or emails relating to work.

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NHS news 9/7/10

12th July 2010

A round up of health news over the past week.

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Internal staff survey results leaked

8th July 2010

Only 16% of Care Quality Commission’s employees think it is well managed.

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UK sick days fall

8th June 2010

A survey has suggested that the average employee was unwell for 6.4 days in 2009.

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The 2010 Pfeiffer Annual: Leadership Development v.1

29th January 2010

The Pfeiffer Annuals Have Presented Thought–Leading Ideas and Cutting–Edge Practices Across Four Decades....

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Fall sick on leave from work, claim time back

15th September 2009

An EU ruling says workers who fall sick while on holiday can ask for more leave.

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Ageing workforce serious threat to business

6th April 2009

A report warns employers that older workers and higher rates of illness could have devastating consequences.

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GPs shouldn't police the system

30th March 2008

A GP argues the case against new proposals which say doctors should make people return to work.

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'Sick-note culture' plans

20th February 2008

Health secretary expected to set out reforms on what he calls the 'sick-note culture'.

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