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Wednesday 17th July 2019

Healthy Eating Articles


Supermarkets should promote healthy foods

4th August 2016

Which? say supermarkets should concentrate on promoting healthy foods to assist in battle against obesity.

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How to tackle fussy eaters

24th June 2015

Research suggests children's unhealthy eating could be improved with repetition, role modelling and rewards.

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Tired all the time?

9th February 2015

The trick is to find out why you might be tired.

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Keep your heart healthy this Christmas

15th December 2014

Tips on how to keep your heart healthy this Christmas.

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Improve your diet easily

15th December 2014

How to eat more healthily and still enjoy meals.

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Summer perfect for healthy eating

19th June 2014

Expert says summer is a perfect opportunity to eat fresh and healthy foods.

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Businesses challenged to commit to healthy eating pledges

8th February 2013

Food network chair challenging more businesses to commit to healthy eating pledge in 2013.

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Healthy eating adverts to begin

7th January 2013

TV adverts promoting healthy eating to be shown for the first time later.

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Healthy snacks to help children fight obesity

17th December 2012

Healthy snacks can help children feel fuller for longer and could lower rate of obesity.

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Heart patients helped by healthy diet

7th December 2012

Patients with existing heart conditions are less likely to have another attack if they eat well, a study finds.

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