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Thursday 24th May 2018

European Union Articles


Trusts that are EU reliant

11th July 2016

Analysis by the HSJ has revealed specialist trusts and those in London are most reliant on EU staff.

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EU restrictions for e-cigarettes

8th October 2013

Tougher restrictions on e-cigarettes planned by the EU.

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EU to sue Spain over refusal of EHIC cards

30th May 2013

Some hospitals in Spain have refused the cards.

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Call for boycott of Roche in Tamiflu row

13th November 2012

A top Norwegian researcher says EU governments should force the Swiss drug-maker to reveal trial data linked to influenza drug Tamiflu.

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Invasion of the EU nurses

16th March 2011

The number of EU nurses has almost doubled in Britain after strict tests were scrapped.

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Should ban on smacking children be enforced?

30th April 2010

Europe has outlawed smacking children but Britain 'still clings to physical punishment'.

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Early deaths link to air pollution

22nd March 2010

MPs say air pollution is placing huge stress on resources and could 'cost millions' in EU fines.

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WHO defends pandemic warning

2nd February 2010

The WHO replies to a prominent European critic, saying it did not 'fake' the pandemic.

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Lib Dems want tougher restrictions on EU doctors

27th January 2010

EU doctor exams needed to root out inferior medical training say Lib Dems.

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EU noise limits for MP3 players

15th December 2009

The EU is calling for a maximum volume to be set on MP3 players.

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