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Sunday 22nd September 2019

Computer Game Articles


Depression linked to late night screen use

24th July 2012

A US study has found a link between sitting in front of a computer or TV screen late at night or leaving it on when you fall asleep and depression.

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Computer game to help stroke patients recuperate

18th May 2012

Scientists develop a computer game to help rehabilitate stroke victims.

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Brains differ in computer gamers

16th November 2011

Researchers suggest brains of people who play computer games frequently differ from people who don't play frequently.

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DVT linked to gamer's death

1st August 2011

20-year-old died after playing video games for long periods of time.

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Teenagers addicted to computer games

31st January 2011

Teenager receives treatment for gaming addiction.

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Video games may not make teens fat

25th January 2011

A study in the US suggests video games are not driving childhood obesity.

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Parkinson's overcome with Nintendo Wii

22nd December 2010

Parkinson's symptoms overcome with sessions on children's games' console.

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UK news 15/10/10

15th October 2010

A round up of UK health news over past week.

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Parents should limit children's screen time

11th October 2010

A UK study suggests children should not have more than two hours screen time a day.

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Various injuries linked to Wii-type games

5th October 2010

A Nintendo spokesman warned players not to 'overdo it' after games produce their own kind of injuries.

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