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Friday 22nd June 2018

Warwick University Articles


How car technology is set to help hospitals

23rd December 2008

Researchers based at Warwick University are working on producing synthetic bone.

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Diabetes dead-end

27th May 2008

Three year project by Warwick Uni and Heartlands Hospital has failed to show good results.

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Robot nurses will be used to clean hospital wards by 2020

23rd April 2008

Researchers at Warwick University embarked on the IWARD - Intelligent Robot Swarm for Attendence, Recognition. Cleaning and Delivery - project, supported by European Union Funding in January 2007.

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'It's immoral not to use hybrid embryos' claim

3rd April 2008

Midland scientist, Justin St John has joined the row over hybrid embryos. The Warwick University professor says it is immoral not to use such reserch to treat degenerative conditions.

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