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Monday 21st May 2018

Hospital Admissions Articles


Sharp rise in flu hospital admissions

4th January 2018

Public Health England figures show a sharp rise in flu hospital admissions in England.

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Hospital admissions attributable to smoking risen 5%

31st May 2016

Figures show a rise in hospital admissions attributable to smoking in the last ten years.

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Thousands malnourished

23rd November 2015

Figures show thousands of patients are admitted to hospital with malnutrition.

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Smoking-related hospital admissions have fallen

10th October 2014

According to figures released by HSCIC, hospital admissions related to smoking have fallen by 18% over the past eight years.

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Plans to cut hospital admissions

23rd May 2014

Health researchers warn plans to cut hospital admissions is 'risky'.

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Hospital admissions rise

7th November 2013

Data reveals hospital admission numbers rose again last year.

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Too many A&E admissions

31st October 2013

The National Audit Office says there are too many emergency hospital admissions in England.

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Self-poisoning on the rise

7th May 2013

Hospital admissions for people self-poisoning has risen 50% in a decade.

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Obesity hospital admissions rise

25th February 2013

Official figures show massive rise in hospital admissions due to obesity.

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Children throat infections rising

22nd October 2012

A study shows an increase in children admitted to hospital with throat infections.

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