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Friday 18th August 2017

Organ Donation Articles


Over 50,000 alive thanks to organ transplants

11th July 2017

New NHS data suggests more than 50,000 people in the UK are alive due to organ transplants.

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HIV-infected organs successfully transplanted

6th May 2016

Two kidneys and two livers have been successfully transplanted into patients with HIV in the UK.

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NHS partners with Tinder

14th December 2015

The NHS has partnered with Tinder to help raise awareness about organ donations.

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Sign up to campaign to boost organ donation

20th November 2015

NHS Blood and Transplant have launched winter campaign to encourage people to sign up to organ donation.

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Organ donation drops

21st July 2015

Figures show a drop in people donating organs for the first time in more than a decade.

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Plans for opt-out system for organ donation

2nd June 2015

Scotland to published plans to introduce a 'soft opt-out' system for organ donation.

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Newborn becomes youngest organ donor

23rd April 2015

Doctors carried out pioneering surgery on newborn baby who lived less than two hours.

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Presumed consent for organ donation in Wales

7th November 2012

Wales' presumed consent for organ donation could put 'too much pressure' on hospitals.

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China vows to ban organ harvesting

5th November 2012

Beijing says it will roll out a nationwide donor scheme early next year and phase out the use of organs from executed prisoners.

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Uterus transplant a 'success' in Sweden

18th September 2012

Doctors in Sweden have performed two uterine transplants in a bid to allow two women in their 30s to bear children.

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