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Wednesday 21st August 2019

Bacteria Articles


Bacteria could slow Zika spread

5th May 2016

Research suggests bacteria may help against the spread of the Zika virus.

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Good bacteria could prevent asthma

1st October 2015

Canadian scientists say exposure to 'good bacteria' early in life could prevent development of asthma.

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Everybody 'surrounded by bacteria'

23rd September 2015

Scientists say everyone is surrounded by a 'microbial cloud'.

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Wet wipes could be spreading bacteria

9th June 2015

Study finds detergent wipes are spreading bugs in hospitals.

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Liquorice could hold key to conquering tooth decay

22nd May 2015

Scientists say liquorice contains natural plant chemicals that kill mouth bacteria.

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Superbug deaths warning

8th April 2015

Thousands of people could fall victim to bacterial blood infection.

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Blood test to cut antibiotics

19th March 2015

New blood test could help doctors see whether infection is bacterial or a virus.

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Bacteria may help battle cancer

3rd February 2015

Preliminary study suggests bacteria may offer a new way to treat cancer.

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Natural immune response to malaria in human gut

5th December 2014

Researchers say friendly gut bacteria can help attack malaria.

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80m bacteria transferred in one kiss

17th November 2014

Dutch researchers say one kiss shares 80 million bugs.

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