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Monday 28th May 2018

Colon Articles


Colonoscopy saves lives

24th February 2012

Study shows colonoscopies save lives which may encourage more people to get the test.

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Chemical can destroy growths in gut

29th March 2010

Scientists say a chemical cocktail could stop growths which can lead to colon cancer.

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Vitamin D protects against colon cancer

28th January 2010

Researchers discover that vitamin D can protect against colon cancer.

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UK news 29/1/10

28th January 2010

A round up of UK health news over past week.

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Are we winning the cancer war?

18th December 2009

Scientific advances mean we can look forward to an era when cancer is no longer a condition to be feared, says Karol Sikora.

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10,000 a year die due to late cancer diagnosis

30th November 2009

Late cancer diagnosis sees 10,000 a year die unnecessarily.

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Colon cancer screening too low

9th September 2009

Despite campaigns on the importance of colon cancer screening only 61% of Americans who should be screened do so.

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