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Wednesday 24th July 2019

South Asia Articles


Arsenic poisoning linked to gold mines

19th November 2012

Arsenic levels in the drinking water of an Indian village are found to be high, along with unsafe levels in people.

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Cheap new test for lymphatic filariasis

6th November 2012

An international team of researchers has developed a simple but effective urine test to diagnose lymphatic filariasis.

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Stop chewing tobacco advice

26th September 2012

New guidance has been issued to help people in South Asian communities to stop using smokeless tobacco products.

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Indian hospital hires guards to protect staff

11th September 2012

The former bodyguards and bouncers have been brought in to curb a wave of violent attacks on medical staff in emergency departments and labour suites.

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Novartis in India patent battle

20th August 2012

The stakes are high for cheap generic drug supplies as the Indian patent office faces off with Novartis.

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Health concerns after reporter dies

2nd July 2012

The death of a young Indian photographer has sparked concerns over health hazards facing journalists on assignment.

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India's bid to stem medical brain drain

5th June 2012

The government's plans to force newly trained doctors to work in rural areas sparks controversy.

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Roche to make cheap cancer drugs in India

26th March 2012

Roche says it plans to offer cut-price cancer drugs to India via a joint venture.

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India ends Bayer cancer drug monopoly

19th March 2012

The Patent Office rules to allow the manufacture of a generic cancer drug.

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New drug-resistant TB found in India

17th January 2012

Drug-resistant strains of TB have been reported for the first time in India.

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