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Saturday 21st September 2019

Sleep Apnoea Articles


Snorers more at risk of Alzheimer's

10th November 2017

Study finds people with sleep apnoea had a build up of proteins in brain that can trigger Alzheimer's disease.

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Memory problems linked to sleep apnoea

16th April 2015

Study suggests sleep apnoea can cause memory problems.

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Poor bone health linked to sleep apnoea

16th April 2014

Study has found osteoporosis rates rose among people with sleep apnoea.

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Exercise could help sleep apnoea sufferers

19th April 2013

New study suggests people with sleep apnoea could benefit from losing weight and healthier eating.

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Sleep apnoea worse in winter

5th July 2012

New study suggests sleep apnoea appears to get worse in the colder months.

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Sleep apnoea linked to cancer mortality

21st May 2012

People who already have cancer are more likely to survive it if their sleep apnoea is treated.

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Hearing loss linked to sleep apnoea

24th January 2012

Research shows a strong statistical link between patients with sleep apnoea and sudden, temporary hearing loss.

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Sleep disorder cases rise

6th October 2011

Specialists say the NHS is struggling with a 'tidal wave' of sleep disorders linked to obesity.

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Sleep apnoea linked to dementia

10th August 2011

Study reveals women with sleep disorder were more likely to develop dementia or cognitive impairment.

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Nasal surgery fails most

29th July 2011

A survey suggests nose operation to relieve snoring and sleep problems does not always work.

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