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Saturday 26th May 2018

Sick Day Articles


£1bn spent on sick pay in the NHS in three years

15th March 2013

Report says one in three NHS trusts 'wasting money' on staff sick pay.

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Under-30s more likely to take a sick day

29th September 2011

Research claims people under-30 are more likely to take time off work sick.

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Sick days cost UK economy billions

18th July 2011

A survey reveals sickies cost £32bn as one in three admit to abusing sick days.

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NHS news 12/11/10

11th November 2010

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Fit notes are not beneficial

10th November 2010

GPs do not believe that fit notes will cut absence levels.

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NHS sick days cost taxpayer £1.7bn a year

24th November 2009

A report shows sickness rates within the health service are nearly double those in the private sector.

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Monday is most common day for sickness

9th November 2009

Research shows Monday is most popular day for workers to phone in sick.

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Three out of four go to work despite being ill

19th September 2008

A new survey finds three out of four Britons go to work despite feeling ill.

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'Sick' Britain needs jobs

20th May 2008

BBC's Panorama reports the government could struggle to hit target of getting people back to work.

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GPs £20m for sickness cover

1st May 2008

More than £20m was paid to locums last year to cover sickness and maternity leave in GP practices.

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