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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Breast Milk Articles


Breastfeeding cuts baby infections

28th September 2010

Researchers say breast milk contains disease-fighting antibodies.

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Breast milk coats baby's intestine

3rd August 2010

A large part of breast milk can not be digested by babies, but protects them from noxious bacteria.

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NHS news 26/2/10

26th February 2010

A round up of NHS news over past week.

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NICE guidance on donor breast milk

25th February 2010

NICE guidance aims to maintain high standards for donor breast milk in the UK.

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Birth drugs 'hamper' breastfeeding

2nd September 2009

Research suggests drugs used to treat bleeding after birth may hamper breastfeeding.

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A smart drug called breast milk

19th June 2008

Johann Hari comments in The Telegraph.

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Hospital opens breast milk bank

14th May 2008

A Devon hospital has opened a new breast milk bank which stores donated milk for sick babies.

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